I spoke at a women's event last week where I asked the women in the room say to one another "I am Fabulous" some really struggled and could not get the words out of their mouth. Others thew their heads up and laughed and giggled but said it. Last night I watched a Ted Talk by Meaghan Ramsey called, “Am I ugly”. The information and statistics she provided was painful listening. Young girls who don't feel or think they look good enough, in particular are not thin enough, going into exams will perform less well.  High Self-esteem is a core factor in confidence and ability to perform well in any role. Her research showed 6 out of 10 girls are choosing not to do something because of how they feel or “Think” they look. 31% of young girls in classroom debates won't speak up because they don't want to draw attention to themselves. Low body image is impacting confidence, education and ultimately our ability to fully contribute to this growing economy.

And the sad thing is we don't grow out of this. Low self-esteem is as prevalent older women. 17% of women will not turn up for an interview based on how they feel or look on the day. We must stand up and speak up to help this generation and the next discover their worth, not in how they look or in the number of likes on Facebook but that they believe their worth and potential contribution is found in who they are and what they do.

What about us? Are we at times caught up in the loop of self-image driving our confidence? Are we great role models for high self-esteem? Do we talk about other women based on how they look rather than what they do? I was saddened by recent press articles focusing on how our female politician’s look. Really? I had hoped we were way past that.  In fact we must get past that and we can’t sit by and let this become an epidemic.

I am passionate about unlocking the potential in everyone, helping others choose extraordinary ways of being and working.  what will you choose?

Go on say it ... I am Fabulous!! Pasty style

Until next time....