Faith hope love.

Taking a taxi ride from the airport to my hotel in Atlanta this week I noticed a huge truck, American style, with a very tough looking driver. Then I glanced to the side of his truck it said on the passenger door Faith, Hope, Love. 


Those three words changed immediately how I thought about the driver and the truck. While the words resonated with me from my personal faith perspective, it got me thinking about those words in my business and life generally. 


I would want to inspire faith, faith in making the right decision, taking leaps of faith, faith in that person, faith in their ability to make right choices in all circumstances. 


I want to be a hope carrier. To take people to new possibilities through their thinking and changing perspective. Without hope we are just surviving or worse, we struggle to see reason to go on. Hope changes all situations and gives us energy to continue.


Above all else I want to work and live from a place of abundant love. Unconditional love for my family and friends, those I work with or connect with no matter how brief. My personal leadership mantra is from King Solomon. Above all else, guard your heart - it's your greatest leadership tool, whether that's leading yourself, your family or your business. What are your three words? 


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