...– that’s why so few choose to do it”. Henry Ford

The speed of life and complexity of challenges we face require us to think fast, make great decisions and respond quickly in our business and personal life. Never before has there been a greater need to stop and think. 

We are accessible 24/7 and we forget to turn off the ON button, to create time and space to think. This has consequences, not only for our businesses, but on our health and our relationships. 


I believe you need to agitate (examine) your thinking, observe where thoughts take you and decide what needs to change to get the outcome you want. Too few do this and drift along, ending up with a slightly better version or worse, a lesser version of their best self with mediocre results.

Great leaders, entrepreneurs, people whose lives make a difference don’t do that. They choose to protect thinking time, to reflect on their behaviours and actions, enabling better thinking and choices, taking conscious action while holding themselves accountable. They take the road less taken. Will you?